AT&T offers a myriad of telecommunications and entertainment through U-verse service and more. The Dallas-based company is the world's leading provider of fixed telephone services and the seventh largest company in the United States.

But don't think that AT&T doesn't keep up on the latest technology. The company offers wireless telephone service, digital television and Internet access as well as home phone service. AT&T also provides a variety of bundles to help consumers save money on multiple services with no AT&T U-versecoupon code required.

AT&T U-verse®

AT&T U-verse includes fiber optic technology to make your home communication and entertainment systems completely digital for superior service and quality. AT&T customers can pick and choose which products and services are important to them. You don't have to fit yourself into a pre-planned bundle. AT&T creates the bundle package around your needs.

AT&T Phone Service

AT&T is the heir to the Bell system, which began in 1886. However, today's AT&T U-verse Voice service is not your grandmother's telephone service. Today's AT&T U-verse Voice service includes more than 20 features like call-waiting, caller ID, Locate Me and AT&T U-verse Messaging. AT&T Digital Home Phone Service uses Internet technology to provide excellent phone quality with your existing phone sets and numbers.

AT&T Internet

Speaking of Internet service: AT&T High Speed Internet Service comes with five different download speeds, so you only have to pay for the speed you need. If you regularly download games, music and other large files, select Turbo Max with speeds of up to 24 MBPS. If you share photos with friends, check Facebook regularly and play a little Farmville, Max is probably is probably what you need. Basic users who just check their email messages and read online newspapers will be happy with the affordable Pro plan.

When you're looking to upgrade your communication systems, you need to look no further than the company that's been revolutionizing telecommunications for more than 120 years--AT&T. You don't stay in business this long by not listening to your customers. AT&T U-verse is focused on the future and on offering continued, superior service.